Welcome to Stout Knife and Tool. My name is Jason Burley Stout and I am a full time maker. In my previous life I was a Machinist / Toolmaker I use this as a base for the construction of my knives and tools. My primary product is folders, although I enjoy making fixed blades and tools. My aesthetic is not for everyone but it’s what I love and I’m blessed to have customers who love it as well. Please take time to check out the site feel free to message me with any questions. Currently I don’t take orders. I’ll post show dates etc. Check out my Facebook group Stout Knife and Tool or follow me on Instagram for current goings on. Thanks to all my fans and customers for your generous support.

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These are products I currently offer, however I do not take orders at this time. Most knives and tools are D2 Tool steel as it is my favorite steel and very consistent for my process. I use a wide variety of handle materials but for the most part they are for hard use.


I currently do not take orders. All sales are at shows and on my Facebook group – Stout Knife and Tool, USN and occasionally on Instagram most are via lotto. I do not offer a “free spa treatment” for ano etc. Warranty or repair is free if it is a result of my workmanship or faulty materials. However it does not cover abuse. Please contact me for questions about service.

  • Spa Treatment
  • Repair
  • Sharpening
  • Refurbish
  • Leather Sheathes
  • Kydex Sheathes
  • Heat Treating
  • Cryo Treatments

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Telephone: (731) 514-8731
Email: [email protected]

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